Rotary Spirit 2023 - FINAL EVENT DETAILS

Please use this post as the definitive source of information for the event. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The event is not being canceled, but due to the weather forecast the car show judging and trophies will be moved to Englishtown Raceway on July 22, 2023. More details will be shared after the Pocono Raceway Event. 

Thank you for your interest in attending Rotary Spirit 2023! Please do not hesitate to DM (@bossbattle.jeff) or email me [Jeff (at) ] with any additional questions. 

Event Location 

1234 Long Pond Rd
Long Pond, PA 18334

Most important note:

Absolutely no speeding, burnouts, revving or two stepping will be tolerated. These are rules directly from the track. Please respect local roads and conduct yourself in a mature and law-abiding manner at all times. Please be respectful at all times. 

If you want to go fast, please sign up with our partner EMRA to push your car on the track in a safe and controlled manner. 

How do I sign up for the track day with EMRA?

Please sign up here and use coupon code WANKEL1

How do I sign up for the car show?


Event Schedule

Sunday, June 25th 2023:

Sponsor Roll-in: 8:00 AM

Event start: 10:00 AM

Parade Laps: 12:00 PM (subject to change, dependent on track operator)

Event end: 4:00 PM

***Schedule is subject to change depending on the weather. Please check back here for any changes.*** 

Frequently asked questions

When and where is the event?

The event is on June 25th at 10 AM (or earlier if you are a vendor or show participant). The venue is Pocono Raceway. When entering the track, please say that you are there for the EMRA event to prevent confusion. 

Rain date?

There is no rain date. This event will go on rain or shine. EMRA does not cancel due to rain and neither do we! Due to the forecast, we will be moving the car show judging and awards to Englishtown Raceway on July 22nd.  

How much does it cost to attend? 

The event is free to attend. 

Please be sure to thank our generous sponsors for making this possible:  Atkins Rotary, Dark Star Coatings, DredTech Performance, Extreme Rotary Works, Garage Alpha, IR Performance, JP3 Motorsports/Vapor Hone, JPR Imports, Racers and Tuners, Renewable Lubricants, Rotor Piston Motorsports, RX-Lights, Sakebomb Garage, Slammed Imports USA, Southbay Fuel Injectors, Vapor Hone

Pocono Raceway does NOT charge at the gate for this event. 

If you want to show up with your rotary, chill/park with other rotaries, make friends, and just hang out —it will cost you nothing. 

How do I sign up for the car show?

THE CAR SHOW JUDGING AND AWARDS ARE POSTPONED TO ENGLISHTOWN RACEWAY ON JULY 22nd. More details will be forthcoming after the Pocono Raceway event. 

Will there be food?

  1. The concessions at the track will be open. 
  2. You are welcome to bring your own food. Grills are also permitted. 

Please respect the space and clean up after yourself as best you can. 

Are there bathrooms? 


Will I be able to buy anything? 

Yes, vendors will be selling various items and rotary spirit stickers will be available for sale. Want to purchase a Rotary Spirit sticker now? Please visit JP3 Motorsports HERE. 

Free special commemorative event stickers will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. They are not the same stickers available on JP3 Motorsports' website. 

Can I participate in the parade laps?

In previous years all participants have been able to participate in parade laps. We have every reason to believe that this will be the case in 2023 as well. However, we have to give this disclaimer: Parade laps are available on a first-come, first-served basis. In the event that there is an overwhelming volume of cars, we will choose those who arrived earliest and ensure that a fair representation of cars and generations are on display. For example, we don't want to have a parade lap of all FDs!

This is the first time we have held an event at this facility. If all goes well, we have plans to expand this portion of the programming in the future. This is not something we have an opportunity to rehearse, so please listen carefully and follow instructions when the time comes!

Final thoughts...

This is an event for the community to celebrate the Rotary Spirit and history of the rotary engine. Everyone is welcome, and we will only spread positive vibes. We respectfully ask that all attendees reflect this spirit. All rotaries and enthusiasts are welcome. 

If you do not have a rotary powered vehicle, we will direct you to park in the general parking area. You are welcome to come celebrate with us. 

We pray that this event is a fun experience! 


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