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Rotary Spirit 2023 - FINAL EVENT DETAILS

Please use this post as the definitive source of information for the event.  Thank you for your interest in attending Rotary Spirit 2023! Please do not hesitate to DM (@bossbattle.jeff) or email me [Jeff (at) ] with any additional questions.  Event Location  1234 Long Pond Rd Long Pond, PA 18334 Most important note: Absolutely no speeding, burnouts, revving or two stepping will be tolerated. These are rules directly from the track. Please respect local roads and conduct yourself in a mature and law-abiding manner at all times. Please be respectful at all times.  If you want to go fast, please sign up with our partner EMRA to push your car on the track in a safe and controlled manner.  How do I sign up for the track day with EMRA? Please sign up  here   and use coupon code WANKEL1 How do I sign up for the car show? Please sign up here Event Schedule Sunday, June 25th 2023: Sponsor Roll-in: 8:00 AM Car show roll-in: 9:00 AM Spectator/Non-Car Show Roll-in: 10:00 AM Parade L

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