Rotary Spirit 2023


You are cordially invited to our third annual Rotary Spirit event. This year we will be meeting at famed NASCAR track: Pocono Raceway! Save the date! June 25th, 2023!

The car show and parade laps are making their return!

We would once again like to thank our partner @emraracing for giving us the opportunity to share the race track with them. This year’s flyer is a homage to the legends we had the pleasure of meeting in Japan. The Rotary Spirit began with them. We are simply carrying the torch that they lit. In previous years we had to search for a suitable picture of the 787B. Not this year. We took this one ourselves. 

Some big news: @jp3motorsports is now our official Rotary Spirit merchandising partner. We are working with the JP3 team to make Rotary Spirit merchandise available on their website when it becomes available. JP3 has been with us since the beginning. We are so proud to grow our relationship with them. 

We are also proud to share the tentative sponsor list!

Thank you so much to the following companies! 


Thank you so much to our sponsors. There would be no Rotary Spirit events without you. Please show them your support! 

As always, we will be sure to do a featured post for each sponsor during the lead up to the event. Once again, this is a tentative list. We will keep you informed as more are added. 

There will be some VERY cool sponsor items available…so stay tuned for more details!

We are so excited for this year’s event, and we are incredibly grateful for you support. We look forward to seeing you there!

Additional logistics for the car show and other activities will be made available shortly. 


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