Rotary Spirit 7's Day -- Final Event Details (UPDATED 7/8/22 DUE TO RAIN)


Please use this post as the definitive source of information for the event. 

Thank you for your interest in attending Rotary Spirit 7’s Day! This is a grassroots event inspired by the global 7’s Day tradition. Please do not hesitate to DM (@bossbattle.rx7) or email me [Jeff (at) ] with any additional questions. 

Event Location 

New Jersey Motorsports Park

8000 Dividing Creek Road

Millville, NJ 08332

Most important note

Absolutely no speeding, burnouts, revving or two stepping will be tolerated. These are rules directly from the track. NJ State Police will be present and will issue citations if the location is not respected. Please respect local roads and conduct yourself in a mature and law-abiding manner at all times.

If you want to go fast, please sign up with our partner EMRA to push your car on the track in a safe and controlled manner. You can do that here

Please use coupon code rotorsrule75

Event Schedule (UPDATED FOR RAIN)

Saturday (Thunderbolt Raceway):

Sponsor Roll-in: 8:30 AM

General Admission Roll-in: 10:00 AM

Parade Laps: 12:00 PM (subject to change, dependent on track operator)

Rotary Spirit Lead Follow Track Laps: 5:30 PM - Requires helmet (can be rented day of at the NJMP store) and $60 registration fee. 

Roll-out and Cruise: (TBD due to weather)

Sunday (Lightning Raceway):

Sponsor Roll-in: 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM

Car Show Roll-in: 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM 

Parade Laps: 12:00 PM (subject to change, dependent on track operator)

Car Show Judging begins: 1:00 PM 

Car Show Awards: 3:30 PM

Roll-out and Cruise: 4:00 PM

***Schedule is subject to change depending on the weather. Please check back here for any changes.*** 

Frequently asked questions

Which day should I attend?

This is a two-day event, but due to rain we are asking all CAR SHOW participants to attend on Sunday 7/10/2022 at Lightning Raceway.

Saturday July 9th is STILL ON, so feel free to come out if you don't mind the rain! There will also be a chance to get on the track (see schedule above). 

Rain date?

The car show has been moved to July 10th. July 9th is moving forward rain or shine, but here will be NO car show awards or judging. Please keep in mind that the days is predicted to be a washout. 

How much does it cost to attend? 

The event is free to attend. 

Please be sure to thank our generous sponsors for making this possible:  Dredtech Perf, Garage Alpha, JP3 Motorsports, JPR Imports, Rotor Piston Motorsportz LLC,, Renewable Lubricants, Boss Battle

Also, New Jersey Motorsports Park does NOT charge at the gate.

If you want to show up with your rotary, chill/park with other rotaries, make friends, and just hang out —it will cost you nothing. 

If you want your car to be judged and possibly win an award, we are asking for a $25 donation. 

Participation in the car show is not required. 

The car show donation will help pay for trophies and other expenses. We will also have items available for raffle and/or for donations. 

Your donation of any kind would be appreciated to support the expenses of the event, but please do not feel pressured to do so. This event is not a money-making opportunity, but a way to celebrate the community. 

How do I sign up for the car show?

You can sign up for the car show by signing up here, or by paying $25.00 at the door (CASH only). The car show will be on Sunday July 10th. If you are participating in the car show, please arrive at 8:30 AM. You can participate in the car show if you arrive at 10:00 AM or later, but we can not guarantee an “ideal” parking spot. 

Will there be food?

  1. We have secured the services of a food truck called Cheesesteak Champs. They will be on premises Saturday July 9th from 11 AM until 3 PM. 
  2. There is a restaurant on the property: Finish Line Pub. You will need to drive to the restaurant. It is on the property but not specifically on the race track where we will be located.
  3. You are welcome to bring your own food. Grills are also permitted. 

Please respect the space and clean up after yourself as best you can. There will be multiple trash cans on the property.

Are there bathrooms? 


Will I be able to buy anything? 

Items will be available for either raffle or donations to Rotary Spirit to support the event. 

You can buy the event T-shirt here: T-shirts are print-on-demand and will not be physically available at the event. 

Free commemorative event stickers will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Can I participate in the parade laps?

We are excited to see an all rotary parade lap at both Thunderbolt and Lightning Raceway. This is a portion of the program where our event partner is taking on a lot of risk. First, it is looking highly unlikely that *every* attendee will be able to participate in the parade lap. 

How will we select who goes on the lap? First come first serve. 

Another important note, the parade lap must have a fair representation of cars and generations, so the earlier you come, the better chance you have at participating. 

We understand that some will be disappointed that they cannot participate in the parade lap, but please keep in mind that there will be two opportunities to participate in parade laps—July 9th and 10th. 

This is the first time we have held an event at this facility. If all goes well, we have plans to expand this portion of the programming in the future. We ask for your patience and understanding while EMRA and Rotary Spirit do this for the first time. This is not something we have an opportunity to rehearse. 

Will there be a cruise?

Yes, there will be an all-rotary cruise both days. Please see the schedule above. As noted above, we may adjust the time to account for weather. Please respect the roads and obey local traffic laws. Respecting the region will ensure that we can do this again. Most importantly, we want everyone to arrive home SAFELY.  

Is there a hotel? 

Yes, the hotel is here. Please tell them you are going to New Jersey Motorsports Park. They will give you a discount. Please note that the deeper discount previously described on the Rotary Spirit website has expired. 

There is a location to store your car if you do not want it in the hotel parking lot. The location will not be publicly shared. Please DM or email me [Jeff (at)] for details. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to exercise vigilance and ensure you are taking the proper precautions with your vehicles. 

Final thoughts...

This is an event for the community to celebrate the Rotary Spirit and history of the rotary engine. Everyone is welcome, and we will only spread positive vibes. We respectfully ask that all attendees reflect this spirit. All rotaries and enthusiasts are welcome. 

If you do not have a rotary powered vehicle, we will direct you to park in the general parking area. You are welcome to come celebrate with us. 

We pray that this event is a fun experience! 


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